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aquarius and pisces cusp



This is a cute and simple piece that has two levels of self-awareness. It is a color combination and a design element that I have always loved. It was one of the first pieces I made for my own line, and I have had it on my desk for almost two years. It makes me smile every time I see it though.

One of my favorite things is a pattern on a piece of cloth. I’ve also always been a huge fan of the color combination of aqua and purple, which I think is as close as you can get to a “self-aware” color. This piece has a lot of other visual things that make me smile as well though, like the “C”, which is what one of my favorite colors is called.

The C is also a color that, if you look closely at it, appears to be an amalgam of all the colors in the spectrum. As a matter of fact, the C is also a form of a rainbow, which makes it one of the most famous colors in the rainbow. It’s also the color of fire, which gives it a very cool and mysterious visual effect.

The C is a really cool color because it looks like an amalgam of all of the colors in the rainbow. That’s one reason it’s so popular. It’s also one of the colors in the spectrum, making it one of the most famous colors in the spectrum. (See above for more on the C and the spectrum).

The C is a color that is not really a color. In other words, its not really a color. The C and other colors are all made up of other colors. I guess its mostly the C, but it’s not a really big deal. Its like, if you put a red on top of a blue it’s a red. It’s like a pink with a little bit of a blue. It’s not really a color.

The C and the spectrum were also the two colors that were used to create the color green, which is a color of the same spectrum as the C. Some other colors, such as the blue, yellow, or magenta, are made up of other colors. So, if you mix two colors together, the result is a different color, which is why some people say the C is the color of life. For example, if you mix C with green, you get a blue.

The first thing to understand about the C and the Cusp is that they are both the same color. The C is the red in Cusp. However, C is a color that is used to make blue, which is why Cusp is also called the blue C. The Cusp is the color of the C and is therefore both red and blue.

This is important because the Cusp is the first of the five color groups that is not a single color, but a group of colors that we can mix together to create a new color. In fact, it is most similar to a rainbow. For example, if we take the red C of the Cusp and the blue C of the Cusp, we get the C of the Cusp. Therefore, the Cusp is also called the blue C.

The Cusp is also used to make green, which is why Pisces is also called the green Pisces. The Pisces is the color of the Pisces and therefore is also red and blue.

The Cusp color group is not just a group of colors. If we take the red C and the blue C, this gives us the C of the Cusp. However, if we take the red C and the purple C, this gives us the C of the Cusp, which is actually an orange color. Because C is the same color as Pisces, we can use the C of the Cusp to make the color orange.

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