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How Important To Select The Crypto Exchange With Lowest Fees A Guide From Kucoin



KuCoin is providing new innovative features which turn its platform into a robust and beginner-friendly one. You will find a lot of supportive features which make your trading easier. You can trade various popular Altcoins like LUNC, ALGO, ADA, etc. Also, various promotions and offers are present in the best interest of their users. KuCoin also introduces different programs to earn rewards, including affiliate and money staking. One of the important things every trader cares about is a fee. Today we discuss how important to select the crypto exchange with the lowest fees and a guide from KuCoin. 

Importance Of Crypto Exchange With Low Fee

It is highly beneficial for traders to pay less amount of fees. Due to this reason, KuCoin is one of the leading platforms. Let us also elaborate on the fee charged by KuCoin.

Trading Fee On Kucoin

KuCoin is common for its lowest fee structure compared to alternative crypto exchanges. The fee is concerning 0.1% of every transaction. On the other hand, the trading fee is clearer for users. There are not any hidden fees KuCoin charges to its customers. KuCoin additionally charges a fee supported by their users level. Also, in varied sorts of trading, KuCoin charges different fees. 

Level Zero Traders 

With no KCS holding, the monthly trading volume is smaller than fifty Bitcoin values. KuCoin charges 0.1% on every dealing of spot trading. 

Level Five Traders

With trading volume from 2000 to 4000 BTC and holding of 40000 KCS. KuCoin charges a 0.07% trading taker fee and no maker fee during this situation. 

Level Twelve Trades 

With quite a hundred and fifty thousand KCS and a trading volume of eighty thousand BTC, KuCoin can solely charge a 0.025% taker fee with a negative maker fee. 

Spot Trading

It is one of the foremost used options on every exchange. Thanks to that, KuCoin doesn’t impose any separate fee on that and uses a flat fee structure. KuCoin set a 0.1 % per dealings fee, many not up to alternative crypto exchanges. You’ll be able to additionally scale back this fee by holding a KCS for thirty days. 

Futures Trading

This type is very common nowadays and generates additional trading volume on each crypto exchange. The long-run fee is explained by considering the loan rate between USD/USDT. At the bottom, therefore, the quote and currency loan rate concern 0.03% to 0%, which generally reduces the long-run perpetual fee to zero.


There is a huge number of crypto exchanges operating in today’s world. It is quite difficult for you to find the right one from the big list. We make it easier for you to select the right one with less fee. KuCoin offers the lowest fee to its users. Now you can save more on BTC, ETH, and KCS prices This will make it easier for you to trade in the crypto market. You will get maximum benefits from the KuCoin platform in this regard.

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