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november 5 zodiac sign



i wonder what zodiac sign is the most likely to develop a case of the “mild flu” right about now.

We need to get a flu shot before we go on vacation.

The most likely sign to develop a mild flu right about now, as in January, is the november 5 (or maybe the 13th), which is the number of the zodiac sign.

I’m not sure if we’re taking into account the flu season or just the upcoming flu season, but the november 5’s position is a little high on the “most likely” list. I mean, there’s definitely some correlation between the flu season and the november 5, but it’s not 100%.

It’s possible that a person could develop a mild flu in the season of the november 5, but it’s also possible that a person could have developed a mild flu in the november 5 season and then gotten it on the way to the flu season. I’ve had a few friends who have been vaccinated for the flu during the november 5 season and I never heard them complain about it.

I believe that the november 5 is simply a chance for someone to catch a cold, and it would be very rare to develop a flu season during the zodiac season.

I remember hearing the term “zodiac” in a math class once. It’s really just a term for the five planets in the zodiac. They sit in a line just like all the constellations and are made up of the five planets.

Now that the flu season is starting, its hard to tell who will be sick. If you get a cold for the november 5 season, then you should probably get the flu. On the other hand, if you get a cold for the zodiac season and you don’t get sick, then you should be okay.

In the meantime, I can’t help but wonder what this means for the zodiac season next year.

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