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what is the dumbest zodiac sign



I think this is an interesting question because I have been asked this question by many people. I’ve had the most success with the zodiac sign of Aquarius because it has the ability to help you see the future in a more positive way, and it also has the ability to help you see the past and the present in a much clearer light.

As a child, my father had an astrology-based “wisdom of the zodiac” (it was an astrology book and he would read it to us). I think that the astrological concept in my father was that if you are born on a particular day of the year, you have a certain probability of having a certain body type and personality.

So my astrology teacher was teaching me that if you are born on a particular day of the year, you have a certain probability of having a certain body type and personality.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I had no idea what the zodiac was. It was just this weird thing that my dad would tell us about.

Zodiacs are a term that is used to describe the letters of the Greek alphabet (alpha, beta, gamma, etc.) that also represent the signs of the zodiac, which are the twelve signs of the zodiac. The three main zodiac signs have a very specific meaning: Libra (the first), Scorpio (the second), and Sagittarius (the third). For example, Scorpio is a very energetic, aggressive and angry sign.

The two first signs, Libra and Scorpio, are the strongest. The third sign is Sagittarius. But the zodiac signs weren’t always used that way. Throughout most of history the two first signs, Libra and Scorpio, were the strongest. As the zodiac eventually got more complicated, the Libra/Scorpio pattern lost its power, and the Sagittarius pattern became more popular.

The zodiac is not supposed to be a sign of intelligence, but of personality, since the signs represent the characteristics of the personalities. The zodiac is merely a way to help us identify the personality types of people who have an astrological sign. The most famous example of this is the birth of Napoleon. He was born under the sign of Libra, which is a very calm, rational and logical personality type. This is why Napoleon was so successful in the early part of his life.

The reason why we can’t distinguish between personalities is that the brain is the biggest thing in the human body. The brain of a person is built up of five parts: brain, heart, lungs, and feet. Brain is the most important part of the human brain, and when you see a brain in a picture it’s very easy to tell it’s a sign of intelligence and personality.

Libra is a sign describing the personality type of the Roman god Mars, who was known for being the strongest of all the gods. The gods of ancient Rome were very strong and powerful, so they made sure that when Mars died his heart was put into Libra, so the next person born would be able to handle the power of the god.

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